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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Snapshots of the North End

Over the next few blog posts we’d like to give you a few of the highlights of the cool north end of Boise in which we live. First up, Washington Elementary! Since Elijah and Gracie started school recently and since it was probably the biggest change for our kids, we thought we'd highlight their new experience at Washington Elementary first. Stepping into a scene where you're an outsider, where tight-knit relationships and friendships are already forged, and where the routine is completely foreign can make for a stressful beginning! Day One had come and we walked our kids to school as they rode their bikes along with dozens of other kids and parents emerging from their houses along Harrison Blvd. This is pretty cool!" we thought. And seeing all these parents show up with jogging clothes and mountain bikes, it was another reminder of the cool north end scene. As the bell rang, Elijah bravely followed his class in while Gracie was the one who had the harder time. That is, until recess.... Camille made the mistake of randomly driving by the school only to find Elijah standing alone by the fence. Fearing that he would see her driving away without at least saying Hi, she pulled up to see how he was doing. His response broke her heart: "Get me out of here!" Camille held it together enough to encourage him before she drove back home in tears! Pleas and prayers followed that moment and by the end of the first week both kids had met buddies and Gracie had already even had a play-date. Elijah had found a pal who was also a new Boise transplant and similarly smaller in stature. And they've since been inseparable. Thank you, God, for that!

Washington Elementary is one of the best and most desireable schools in Boise. Parents from other school zones clamor to get their kids in and here we are, sitting right in the middle of the best elementary school zone. Washington is consistently rated among the highest in the country and our kids have definitely hit the ground running as they've stepped in to new high academic standards. Summer is definitely over for them!

Well, as usual, school is one of the best places to meet our neighbors and Camille and I are working at meeting other parents and building new relationships. Like it was with the kids, most of the parents seem pretty comfortable in the close-knit groups they've formed over the years. But, we're making headway and Camille has already volunteered in both kids' classrooms and she's been asked to be the home-room mom in Gracie's class. She's just being her normal helpful self and the teachers are beginning to see this new jewel-of-a-parent they now have in their midst!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support as we continue on with this new adventure! We love you!

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